Affiliate Summit: My First Day

August 10, 2008

Just crossed the long awaited anxious moment…

I am in Boston… at the Renaissance hotel… completed my first day at the Affiliate Summit East 2008!

What a great day it was… I attended 3 insightful sessionsdropped 7 cards at the meet market… made 24 friendsexchanged 38 cardsinteracted with more than 70 people… and the knowledge gained?! – can’t be measured!!

I was happy to introduce myself to Shawn Collins and Amy Rodrigues of the Affiliate Summit. The latter identified me quicky as she helped me in getting my Visa Papers done. Ian Fernando is a fantastic guy. I dashed on him at the meet market hall and introduced myself. He was quick to spare his time and give some insightful tips. My long worried issue was tracking my ROI and when I queried him about the solution, he quickly took me to Wes Mahler of And Yes! I have a tracking solution to use… and it’s free. Thanks to Ian, I would give a try at the software.

Couple of great minds I met include – John Chow, Teresa Caldwell, Kim Rodgers, Charles NGO, Patrick, Nittin Gupta, Rana Bassi, Jeffrey Evenmo, Bosco & Neil Raj. I have got some close friends too – Amit Sharma, Sunil Kumria & Brian – all three are cool guys.

More on the sessions…

The topic for the first one I attended was – Which PPC Engines Work and How?

John Hasson of handled the topic efficiently – from his point of view. He came out explaining the bad conversion traffic and good conversion traffic from the PPC networks other than the Big 3 (Google, Yahoo & MSN). His positive vote goes for SuperPages.Com & Business.Com while his negative votes are for Searchfeed, Adbrite & Ask.

He also talks about a simple strategy to test Facebook advertising. You just need to create different profiles for you in different demographic locations and check the ads displayed on your profile pages for a week. The ones that show up constantly on those particular demographic profile might be the successful ones for those areas. Why not, give a shot at duplicating the ad for that demography and send the traffic to the same or similar offer on the ad?

My next session was – Leveraging Social Media – presented by Sam Harrelson of CostPerNews.

Sam explained how the social media can be utilized effectively by affiliate marketers. His core focus was on & it was amazing to know that we can get to know opinions of people in a matter of minutes from the twitter community. Not lot of information, but was presented well by Sam.

The last session I attended for the day was – Pepperjam Network Education Clinic

I wanted to attend my mentor Kim Rodger’s panel discussion, but her topic was ‘NY Tax Laws – Issues & Solutions’ – which was irrelevant for me since I do not stay in New York – and so, I peeked in at the Pepperjam Clinic. It was more of a promotional presentation and am sure that all of the information they provided was already available on their website. The session lacked any educational value from my point of view.

And the late evening session was…. ShareASale Party @ SpiritCruises on the Seaport Riverfront… it was rocking!

My anxious wait for the second day starts now…