Affiliate Summit East 2008 : My First Event

July 28, 2008

I am really excited about my first event!

Affiliate Summit is a must go event for affiliates and it would be a great opportunity to network with lot of big names in the affiliate industry.

This event will bring in many first’s for me.

  1. First time to An Affiliate Event
  2. First time to Affiliate Summit
  3. First time to meet Affiliate Marketers in person
  4. First time to meet Affiliate Network Managers in person
  5. First time to the United States.

As days nearby, I feel the anxiety and curiosity of a student entering his college for the first time. I am sure that this conference would bring out answers to my information quest on affiliate marketing.

And an excitement bonus for me – am visiting Paris for 4 days, enroute!

There’s a bonus for my readers too!! I have decided to share my thoughts and ideas on the new techniques and rich informations I would be getting out of this event. So, drop in often & catch up with the latest developments in the affiliate marketing industry.

Looking forward to the exciting time ahead!